Registration is open! Virtual Tapia 2020! September 16-19, 2020

2020 Tapia Conference

A Framework for Identifying and Evaluating Pathways into the Computing Field and Workforce

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 (Central Time) — 11:45AM - 12:30PM

There have been several studies and discussions around the topic of the skill sets and employability of employees in various fields in the United States, and even globally. The issue of ‘skill gaps’ has immensely contributed to the employability of prospective employees in the US and around the world. These skill gaps occur when there is a disparity between the skills people possess and the skills required by their prospective employers. These trends have also been observed within the computing field. There have been several efforts and attempts to improve the employability of computing students/graduates, but these solutions are based on observations drawn from a small pool of participants e.g. students from a particular university, or a few hundred working professionals. This research aims to discover what obtains in Mississippi’s computing field regarding pathways into computing employment, and to build a framework around this discovery. This framework can then be used as a template for developing solutions in the future.

Mercy O. Jaiyeola